The Rules of Geek Nights

There are a few simple rules to Geek Nights:

  1. The first rule of Geek Night is… you do not talk about Geek Nights*
  2. Geek Nights are not a platform for you to pitch your business: Many of us are entrepreneurs and full of budding business ideas, but don’t behave like a sales rep. This isn’t Dragon’s Den, and your presentation should bring value to the attendees.
  3. Take part: Not unlike a BarCamp unconference, this is all about participation. Offer to do a lightning talk if you have something interesting to say or lend a hand with promoting the event. Everyone’s a volunteer here so your help is very welcome!
  4. Try something new: We’ll most likely have talks about all sorts of weird and wonderful topics over the coming months, and some might not be your usual diet. Give it a try, you might surprise yourself.
  5. Give us feedback: We’re doing this for fun, and for you. So if you thought a presentation was totally pants, we need to know so that we don’t do it again (promise we won’t hurt the speaker’s feelings).
  6. Enjoy yourself: We hope you’ll enjoy meeting new people, discovering new things and having a tasty pint along the way.

See you at the next Geek Nights!

[* I swear, I tried to stop myself from typing this horribly cliché hopeless joke, but my fingers just did it against my will.]


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