Cambridge Geek Night #4

After a short break, Cambridge Geek Nights are back! Our next gathering will be on 3rd August 2010 at 7pm with talks starting at 7:30pm.
CGN4 is being sponsored by the lovely people at The Guardian Open Platform.

We have a new venue at The Cambridge Union (9a Bridge Street, Cambridge) and a new meeting date on a Tuesday rather than Wednesday.

Details for 3rd August
Our speakers are now confirmed and are:

  • Martin Lucas-Smith from Cyclestreets: Bicycle journey planning using open data
  • Nathan Matias: Instrumenting and performance testing multi-user web apps.

Looking forward to seeing you all there on the 3rd!


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  1. Does anybody record these talks? I’d really like to hear Nathan’s talk in particular but as usual I won’t be able to make this date!

    • Hi Ben,

      At this point in time, we haven’t planned for this kind of logistics. Nathan will be putting some info online and we’ll link to it from here, so keep an eye out for that.


  2. More information on my talk is on my flickr page. In brief, I’ll be talking about the business & tech role of performance tests and instrumentation during three stages:

    – Acquisition
    – Rollout to the US Market
    – The KGB Superbowl Ad this year

  3. Are Tuesdays going to be the standard day from now on? I ask as I can’t make Tuesdays and there are already several things in the area I can’t go to as they are all on Tuesdays – so other people may find that evening problematical too.

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