Cambridge Geek Night #3 Tonight – September 9th!

It’s been a mere six weeks since the last Cambridge Geek Night, and tonight it’s time for another. It’s in the same place as last time – The Maypole – so it should be nice and easy for you all to find. Here’s a map anyway though, just in case you haven’t been before.

This time Neil Crosby (that’s me) will be talking about Yahoo! Pipes, and how easy it is to mix, munge and mash data with it, and Richard Pope will be talking about his adventures in freeing the postcode. We’ll be kicking off the talks from about 7:30.

As is now customary, there’ll be a tab at the bar – this time from a super secret anonymous philanthropist who wishes to make geeks happy whilst staying out of the limelight like a shadowy Santa Claus.

There’s also going to be an initial planning session for a future BarCamp Cambridge – if you’re interested, turn up at 6:15 and join the discussion!

Looking forward to seeing you all there tonight. 🙂

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