Welcome to Cambridge Geek Nights

Hi there, and thanks for popping by!

Geek Nights began in Oxford a few years ago, and recently, we thought we’d take the opportunity to get Cambridge geeks together for a chat and a beer.

The first Cambridge Geek Night will be held on 10th June at the Maypole pub [Details on upcoming.org] so make yourself known if you’d like to join us. There is no need to register, but we hope to give the pub landlord an idea of how many geeks will descend upon the room reserved for us.

A generous sponsor will provide a bar tab, and we will hold a few presentations following this format:

  • Two 15-minute presentations: One of the speakers will be Gareth Rushgrove, Django/Python developer & web geek, with a second speaker to be announced soon
  • A few (2-3) lightning talks: These are short 5 minute sessions to share something you use/do/love/hate
  • Plenty of time to socialise and get to know your fellow Cambridge geeks
  • Oh and there will be beer!

We’ve set a few ground rules for the events, but you’re welcome to make suggestions! You can leave a comment, get a hold of us by email or on Twitter where we’re @camgeeknights.

Looking forward to meeting you all on 10th June!


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